Meet Our Team

Our Team

Howard Parr

CEO & Co-Founder

Howard worked as an art teacher for children with abusive histories, spearheading three public exhibitions of their artwork.  He also worked as a photojournalist in the luxury watch industry, as a professional drummer, and co-founded a software company.  After learning about the alarming statistics on dating and domestic violence in the US, he was compelled to take action by addressing it before it manifests, helping others actualize fulfilling lives and avoid the experience altogether.  Howard has B.A. degrees in French and English from UC Berkeley, and a 1-year Diplome from the University of Paris (Sorbonne).  He loves cross-country skiing, hiking with the dogs, cooking, and sharing it all with Gina, his wife of 25 years.

Carolynn Williams

COO & Co-Founder
When Howard Parr approached Carolynn about starting a nonprofit around domestic and dating violence prevention it took her about 0.25 seconds to immediately say, “YES!” They immediately began building an unparalleled team of experts, volunteers, and advocates for prevention and they are just getting started. Carolynn received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Utah State University and a Master’s in Strategic Communication from Westminster. She loves the outdoors, traveling, volunteering, her growing family, and a hot, fresh chocolate chip cookie.

Kylee Andersen

Chief of Staff

Kylee heard about PeakU from a community event she attended and immediately wanted to be involved. Learning more about PeakU she had the common feeling “If only someone would have taught me this when I was dating” and from personal experience, is extremely passionate about dating and domestic violence. She has her MPA with an emphasis in Nonprofit Management from SUU. She enjoys the outdoors (especially hiking), cooking/baking, reading, working out and spending time with her dog Oakley.

Aubrey-Dawn Palmer

Curriculum Director
Aubrey Dawn has a degree in family life education from Brigham Young University. She has been a family life educator since 2015. She also worked as a home director for a treatment center, working with high-risk teenage boys. She currently is a family life educator for Healthy Relationships Utah, facilitating sexual risk avoidance and relationship skills classes for high-risk youth across Salt Lake County. Why PeakU? “I’ve seen the impact of relationship abuse firsthand for many years, and what happens when young people feel trapped in relationships.” In her free time Aubrey Dawn enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking and hiking. We also have a pretty extensive board and card game collection, so game nights with my husband, family and friends are common. I love going to museums and any and every theatrical event I can.

Toby Larson

Curriculum Advisor / Behavioral Expert

As a father, a former math teacher, and behavioral expert, I want to make the world a better place and I believe that PeakU provides me an opportunity to realize this dream. The opportunity to contribute value through my background and knowledge allows me to make significant contributions to the important mission that PeakU seeks to serve. I have a B.S. in Math Education, an M.S. in Kinesiology, and an EDD in Sport and Performance Psychology. I have a long background in the sport of mixed martial arts and as a performance coach, I have made multiple UFC appearances. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking, extreme skiing, and surfing (when back in California).

Nicole Herway, LCSW

Nicole Herway, LCSW, is a Salt Lake City-based psychotherapist specializing in relationship trauma. In addition to her therapy practice, Nicole is a clinical supervisor, writer, public speaker, and relationship coach. As a survivor of intimate partner violence and a trauma therapist, Nicole is passionate about helping people identify and break the patterns of unhealthy relationships, and she joined PeakU to help increase education regarding intimate partner violence and attributes of healthy relationships. When she’s not reading nerdy psychology books, Nicole enjoys running, hiking, skiing, yoga, paddleboarding, and baking.
Jan Jardine

Jan Jardine

MBA – Advisor on School Curricula and Partnerships

Jan has been an educator for 22 years. She started as a Business, Marketing, and Computer teacher for 13 years before transitioning to Work-Based Learning (WBL). WBL has opened her eyes to so many possibilities for students and Jan loves to find new business partners to help students connect learning to the real world. It was through one of these connections that Jan learned about Peak U. Students at Provo CAPS completed a project with Howard and Carolynn, and Jan is excited to see the program empower students to have healthier relationships. When Jan is not at work, she is with her family: a wonderfully supportive husband, eight amazing children, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law and a sweet grandson. Jan loves spending time with her family hiking, camping, playing games and just sitting together and talking. Jan also loves running, cooking, reading and crocheting.

Inger Erickson

Inger is the host of the SafeTech Family podcast that focuses on transitioning parents from feeling fearful of the future to parenting with confidence, as they teach their children how to protect themselves online and use tech and social media safely and responsibly. She has been an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and built and exited her own international, affiliate-based company that ranked #138 on the Inc. 500 List of Fastest Growing Companies. She, her husband, and kids are all actively involved in the Silicon Slopes community
Corrin Ordner

Corrin Ordner

Grant & Nonprofit Management Consultant

I have worked as a socially conscious grants and nonprofit management consultant for over 15 years. My passion lies in creating transformative growth and fostering alignment across diverse industries, leaving a profound and positive lasting impact. As a proud bearer of a Master of Arts in Holistic Leadership from the esteemed Salve Regina University, I actively participate in initiatives that champion human rights, education, healthcare access, and social equity. Having navigated unhealthy relationships of my own, I know firsthand how vital it is to reach young adults at this critical juncture in life. I have spent several years working with survivors of trauma. It is incredibly important to equip young individuals with the essential knowledge and skills to understand how to process and handle complex emotions and situations, empowering them to forge relationships through a culture of empathy, consent, and communication.
Christine Chapman

Christine Chapman

Curriculum Consultant

I am an Oklahoma native, where she earned a B.A. in English and English Education, and later a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum at the University of Oklahoma, and currently work at The University of Utah as the Complete U Program Manager in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. I am extremely passionate about using education to positively affect interpersonal relationships and using relationships to positively engage learners. PeakU provides a solid curriculum to instruct participants how to approach personal relationships, that they can use well into adulthood! I love to read anything I can get my hands on.

BriAnn Rachele

Strategic Advisor
BriAnn is a versatile professional with a diverse background in fashion, hospitality, sales, and business and startup advisory. She co-founded Founders N’ Funders, a community group connecting startup founders and investors, and offers invaluable strategic guidance to support startup success. As a survivor, BriAnn is passionately involved with PeakU, driven by the belief in fostering self-awareness and positive self-esteem among future generations. She envisions a world where early education curricula include lessons on healthy human behavior to mitigate domestic and dating violence. BriAnn’s personal experiences underscore the transformative potential of PeakU’s teachings. Outside of her professional endeavors, she cherishes time with her partner, friends, family, and cats, engaging in activities like writing, singing, enjoying good food and drinks, playing games, and watching movies. She finds inspiration in learning about people’s passions and personal journeys.

Timothy Mitt Robinson

Marketing Director

When it comes to domestic violence, Timothy Mitt Robinson is convinced we can do better and he’s delighted to be helping PeakU build a better future by working directly with our young people. Timothy brings over 20 years of marketing and media expertise to the PeakU team. Over the course of his colorful career, he has edited books at Bantam Doubleday Dell; built a social network from the ground up at Deseret Book; launched his own publishing company; managed the reelection campaign of a sitting governor; pioneered a social media course at Brigham Young University; authored books on sports, education, politics, and theology; and consulted on stories for publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, GQ, Men’s Journal, and WIRED. In his free time, Tim enjoys reading, running, hiking, skiing, kayaking, writing and performing music, and doing anything his kids want to do!

Tim Whipple


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